Hair Color Services

Thinking about trying on a new hair color? Want to maintain your beautiful look and style? One of our color specialists will be happy to help! We can help you choose the right shade for your skin tone and features to make you feel your best. Your professional hair color will be customized just for you for personalized results you’ll love.
Hair Color
From all-over hair color and color retouches to beautiful effects like ombre hair coloring, balayage coloring, and hair glazing, you’ll walk away from your appointment feeling like a million dollars.
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Coloring and Touch-Ups

Our color specialist in Waterloo, Ontario is expertly trained to create the perfect color for you. We’ll give you beautiful hair color that turns heads with the color complexity of natural hair. With professional hair color, you can enjoy salon-quality results you can’t achieve at home plus healthier, thicker hair. At Wavelength, we offer all-over hair color as well as touch-ups to maintain your gorgeous color.
We also offer color correction to fix hair dye gone wrong. Color correction can fix problems like blonde that has turned brassy or brown that begins to show shades of red. We can address hair that has become too cool, warm, light, or dark to give you the hair color you’re going for.
Color hair
Professional Hair Color

Other Color Services

Want to achieve a unique color effect? Interested in giving your new hair color extra life and shine? Wavelength offers a variety of professional hair color treatments for fabulous results you’ll fall in love with.
Our hair gloss service gives your hair a semi-permanent shine. A gloss lays over each strand of hair to protect the color molecules for longer-lasting results when you color hair. It also creates a smoother surface to reflect light and give your hair unbelievable shine.
We also offer creative hair color. One of the most popular color services in Ontario is ombre hair in which the root color gradually fades into a lighter color toward the ends. Ombre hair uses a technique called balayage, a highlighting technique in which your color specialist paints hair color or bleach on the surface of your hair instead of saturating entire sections. This creates soft and natural-looking highlights.

Tips Before Your Hair Color Appointment

To help you get exactly what you’re going for before your hair color appointment, we recommend shampooing your hair 24 to 48 hours before your appointment but not the same day. Shampooing removes the natural protective layer of oil on your scalp that creates a barrier against hair dye chemicals. When you shampoo, use a clarifying shampoo that removes oil and product build-up from your hair to give your color specialist a clean foundation to apply a new color. Avoid any heat on your hair as well, allowing it to dry naturally. It isn’t necessary, but it helps to arrive to your appointment with your hair styled in your typical manner so your colorist can place the highlights and color in the most appropriate way.
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Services in Waterloo

Whether you’re interested in mixing up your look or you want to maintain what you already have, our hair salon in Waterloo, Ontario can help. Our skilled hair stylists have decades of experience working with all hair types with a range of popular treatments like ombre and balayage hair color, highlights, updos, and flat iron treatments. Schedule your appointment today to see the new you. Don’t forget: students get 20% off hair treatments at Wavelength!
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