What are highlights? Simply, they are chosen strands of hair that are weaved out and lightened with or without foils. Why do you want highlights? Highlighting your hair can be a subtle change to the reflection in the mirror if you’ve been wanting a change. Sometimes, getting highlights is an alternative to taking inches off where you didn’t really want any off but have desperately been wanting a new look. Whatever your specific desire is for your hair, your style, and your happiness is, our professionals are ready to help.
Our two most popular kinds of highlighting techniques, that will enhance any color from good to wow are balayage, a technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect or foils, which are not only offered but executed professionally and affordable. Neither technique is better or worse, but to know which one would be best for you, call us now. Call us now to consult a professional. Do you have questions about our amazing prices, or simply want to get an idea about highlights, call. We are one of the only hair salons in the Waterloo area that offer such incredible services. Your hair is in good hands.
We know that putting your trust in our experts’ hands can be a little nerve-wracking, so we want you to give us a call, and ask any questions that will ease your mind. Our hair technicians have years of experience and they love what they do, which means, they want you to love it too! Best part? For incredible service, you pay affordable and fair prices.
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One of the techniques we offer is Balayage highlights – not a look, rather, a technique. The Balayage technique produces a warm finish and unlike foiled highlights, there is no “case” for the selected strands of hair. This technique is a much more visual procedure for you and your hair stylist because it allows you both to see the highlighting process as it progresses.
Your stylist can add chunks as you go or stop when you both see fit. With the lack of foil or wrapping of any kind, you and your stylist have free range in adding strands wildly. The standard touchup recommendation is every 4 months but remember to consult your hair stylist because everyone’s hair is unique.
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Foiling hair to begin the highlighting process can be what most people have experienced or seen on television. The main difference here, from the aforementioned technique, is simply the addition of the wrapping. With each strand selected and wrapped you will not see the metamorphosis of your hair. The foils add a little more solidarity in that you do not go on selecting and adding more lightener after choosing initially where and what you were going to do. Whether you are looking for red highlights, gold highlights, etc.… The color and foils are applied the same with time being the varying factor, meaning, how long it takes for the lightener to work on your hair.
This will all depend on what you and your stylist discuss and agree too. Highlights will need to be touched up, on average, every 3 to 4 months but this will also depend on where you and your hairstylist stand on the matter.

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Whether you’re looking for a change, wanting to maintain your current look, or liven up the current look you have, highlights are the easiest option. If cutting your hair is too much of a jump and dying your hair completely just doesn’t seem like you, then highlights are your best friend. Not only are they a subtle yet effective change, but they also bring new confidence and brightness into your image. Give us a call today, to get more information, or to simply speak to our professionals.
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